Watch Mark Hamill and Mark Hamill Kidnap Mark Hamill

DC Comics

For those of you who need a reminder, Mark Hamill is more than just Luke Skywalker. After Hamill made it big as the farm boy-turned-Jedi we all know and love, he moved on to voice acting and is now equally well-known as the voice of DC Comics’ most famous villain, the Joker. Oh, and he’s also previously played kooky Flash villain, the Trickster.

DC’s most recent animated short plays up Hamill’s multifaceted career by dropping him into the DC animated universe, only to have him get kidnapped by the Joker and Trickster, both of whom are also voiced by Hamill in the short.

In the clip, the Joker masquerades as Hamill’s Uber ride, only to tie him up as soon as he gets into the car. The pair is soon joined by the Trickster, who’s classified as a “2nd rate villain.”

Soon enough, the Trickster and Joker start arguing and pushing each other’s buttons, with sly comments seeming to come out of nowhere from them both. The audience soon learns that Hamill is using his voice acting skills to impersonate the Joker and Trickster, forcing them to a location in the city where he knows he’ll be saved.

Just as his savior points out, Mark Hamill isn’t just a famous movie star; he’s also a skilled voice actor.

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