Teen Slasher 'Tragedy Girls' Uses the "Dark Side of Social Media"

What would you do for online popularity?

Would you kill someone for Twitter likes? The stereotypical teens of Tragedy Girls are cool with it — social media popularity can really only be achieved via serial murder. And in an Inverse-exclusive clip for the new horror comedy, the girls take offense to their teacher implying they’re verging on sociopathic.

Tragedy Girls is just as much slasher movie as it is a smart, comedic take on the slasher genre as a whole. Brianna Hildebrand (Deadpool) and Alexandra Shipp (X-Men: Apocalypse) play two social media-obsessed high school best friends with a penchant for murder. To bolster the popularity of their Twitter page, which follows murders around town and “reports” on them in an appropriately emoji-heavy manner, Sadie Cunningham (Hildebrand) and McKayla Hooper (Shipp) move to take the murders into their own hands.

They’re tired of relying on other people. Why not just murder people so they can tweet about it?

In this Inverse-exclusive clip, Sadie and McKayla are sitting in class and listening to their teacher talk about the dangers of the dark side of social media. For some reason the two take offense to the discussion and feel personally attacked.

It’s almost like they’re up to something.

Tragedy Girls premiered in theaters on October 20.

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