Watch the Giant Robot Fight Between U.S. Megabots and Japan's Suidobashi

MegaBots faced off against Suidobashi.


The world’s first giant robot fight ended in a Tuesday broadcast with the United States’ MegaBots team defeating Suidobashi from Japan. It was a stunning display that’s been described by organizers as a “historic battle.” In the half-hour event, the teams faced off with piloted mechs entering melee and paintball combat for robo-dominance.

“Amazing experience, both fights were just out of this world,” Gui Cavalcanti, co-founder of Oakland-based MegaBots Inc., said after the fight. “This is what we’ve been waiting for; this is it.”

“That was totally awesome!” said Kogoro Kurata, the Tokyo-based creator of the Suidobashi mech.

The American team used two bots. The first, Iron Glory, stood 15 feet tall, weighed six tons and shot paintball cannons, while Eagle Prime stood 16 feet tall, weighed 12 tons, packed a chainsaw, and shot cannons. The Suidobashi bot was around 13 feet tall, weighed 6.5 tons, contained a sub-machine gun, and smashed its opponents with a giant fist.

Watch the earth-shattering clash below.

While the fist enabled Kurata’s bot to smash his opponent in the first round against Iron Glory, it fared less impressively against Eagle Prime in the second, with the two sticking together. In the third, though, Eagle Prime let loose with its giant saw to slice its opponent apart.

It’s been a long time coming. The pair first agreed to fight in the arena nearly two years ago, after engineers at MegaBots Inc. built the United States’ first giant piloted robot.

“We have a giant robot, you have a giant robot,” MegaBots Inc. said in a statement aimed at Suidobashi in June 2015. “You know what needs to happen. We challenge you to a duel.”

It was only in April of this year that the fight was finally scheduled to take place over several days in Japan, to give the teams time to make repairs to their bots between rounds.

The two teams now have big plans to take Tuesday’s event to the next level.

“I think it’s time to make this a sports league!” Cavalcanti said. “Time to get some rules, weight classes, bring this show on the road. Let’s do it!”

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