Are Instagram Polls Anonymous? Stories Are Going Hilariously Wrong



The new Instagram polls sticker has been out for about a week now, and of course that’s been plenty of time for things to go utterly wrong.

The sticker, which Instagram users seem to be continually employing to ask the question, “Is my dog the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Yes or definitely yes,” has also been causing social media snafus all over the place.

First of all — and this is very important — the polls sticker is not anonymous. Somehow after existing for over a week, not all users seem to be aware of this very crucial fact. When you vote on something, the story creator can see your choice in the viewers list. It’s led to many embarrassed users taking to Twitter to share their mistakes.

People are also getting really annoyed by polls that aren’t turning out the way they wanted. Guys, it’s a poll!

And who can’t relate to the crippling loneliness that comes with putting out a poll and then nobody answering your poll.

On the bright side, Taylor Swift has been getting into polls too. The singer, who’s been out of the public eye since dropping a new single in late August, was apparently lurking fans’ Instagram accounts over the weekend and adding her two cents.

Armed with new knowledge following a week’s worth of this social experiment, it might be best to follow the advice of an age-old saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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