'Justice League' Trailer Brings Back Superman With a Twist

But, alas, it's just a twist.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the upcoming blockbuster Justice League isn’t will Superman come back, but when. A new trailer for the film released on the Sunday of New York Comic Con goes ahead and shows the Man of Steel — but there’s a twist.

The trailer opens with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, at the Kent farmhouse, walking out to see Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent standing in the field. It’s a sweet scene — too sweet, in fact, as it’s revealed to be a dream. But, it’s another hint that Superman isn’t as dead as everyone seems to believe.

The rest of the trailer is somewhat of a tonal shift, focusing on action and really showing off the skills of the three heroes who haven’t had proper appearances in the DCEU aside from their cameos in Batman v Superman. Cyborg, the Flash, and Aquaman all get some good screentime, but the trailer as a whole is just kind of … odd.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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