A Scientist Tries To Teach Kids About DNA Using Legos

'How did humans get alive?'

by Inverse Video

In episode 1 of Big Ideas With Little Kids, Neuroscientist/comedian Shannon Odell attempts the impossible: teaching a bunch of little kids about DNA.

In Shannon’s defense, it’s not an easy thing to teach to children. When you really think about it, how many natural occurrences can you definitively explain? Not to take the Insane Clown Posse’s side on something, but could you explain how magnets work to children? If you answered yes, we’ve got an 8-minute show we’ll need you to star in.

Special thanks to the production staff of Tyler Gildin, Andrew Rezin, and director Steve Ward, without whom none of these episodes would have been possible. They weren’t able to answer the question of ‘how humans got alive,’ but that’s a pretty tough one.