Ford Says 'Blade Runner 2049' Really Won't Answer Big Question

Warner Bros.

One of Blade Runner’s biggest mysteries may not be completely resolved in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. Harrison Ford has doubled down on comments that the question of whether his character Rick Deckard is a replicant or not should go unanswered.

In an interview posted by HuffPost on Wednesday, Ford explained why preserving the “replicant or not?” debate is important. To him, the fact that the question is still on the minds of so many people “indicates the quality of the discourse, of the importance of that question of what it means to be human.” Ford later said: “It’s really a question that is part of the fabric of this thing, and it’s proved to be of interest to many people or of amusement to many people, so just leave it lay like that.”

This echoes comments Ford made to GQ in an interview that went up on September 14: “I’m interested in preserving the question for the audience,” he said. “I mean, part of the idea of whether or not he’s a replicant is that there’s not a definitive answer.”

The fact that Ford continues to comment on this suggests that the question won’t be definitively answered in the film, despite original Blade Runner director Ridley Scott telling IGN in an interview posted on June 22 that 2049 would settle the replicant debate once and for all. If the question ends up not being resolved by the film, it will probably serve to fan the flames of replicant-related debate once more.

Blade Runner 2049 will be released in the U.S. on October 6.

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