It's the Summer of Kacey Musgraves

Pageant Material, out soon as hell.

While she isn’t the only “zero fucks” country star in the landscape — her mentor is Miranda Lambert, after all — Kacey Musgraves first album Same Trailer, Different Park was a fresh burst of attitude. Later this month, she will release Pageant Material, a record she wrote around the same time as Same Trailer and carries that album’s gift for melody, clever turns of phrase, and Loretta Lynn-indebted musicianship. 

While Pageant Material might not contain the single-song highlights of her first album, it’s a more consistent affair that’s filler-less, front-to back. As it stands, it’s likely to see some award shine when the time comes.

It’s Kacey Musgrave’s summer — we’re just living in it.