Evil Morty Fan Theory from "Rick and Morty"

If you're evil and you know it clap your eye.

by Inverse Video

Inverse’s Corey Plante breaks down a popular Rick and Morty theory that seems to be gaining some steam in the probability department. Although we hadn’t seen Evil Morty since season 1, the reappearance of this formerly eye-patched mass-murderer in “Tales From The Citadel” makes a pretty convincing case for his origin. Check out Corey’s whole article for a deeper dive.

EDIT: Now that the entire season 3 slate has aired, it appears that we’ll have to wait another year before we get to see Evil Morty again. His absence from the season 3 finale and soft reset of the series could mean that they’ll depart from the Evil Morty plotline, but with fans so rabid for a deeper look at the C137 universe, one can only hope they’ll get into it a bit more very soon.

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