Capaldi's Favorite 'Doctor Who' Time Lord Isn't Who You'd Think


Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who, has an unexpected choice for his favorite Time Lord.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Monday shows Capaldi and Pearl Mackie (who plays Bill Potts) speaking at Rose City Comic Con in Portland, where Capaldi offered who his favorite Time Lord is. His pick? The first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, an answer that drew cheers from the crowd.

Like the rest of us, Capaldi hasn’t actually seen Whittaker piloting the TARDIS, as he admits later in the video (via Radio Times). He’s probably just confident in her ability to play the part, and just as excited as the rest of us to see her in action.

Though Capaldi wasn’t basing his favorite Time Lord on actually seeing Whittaker on-screen, it’s not that surprising that he would pick her. Doctor Who casting a woman as the Doctor was a huge step for representation, seen by many as a way to reinvigorate both the series and excitement for the series, something which the show’s actors themselves may feel, as well.

Luckily, Capaldi won’t have to wait too long to see Whittaker’s take on the character and revisit this topic, as she’ll be making her debut in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, titled “Twice Upon a Time.” Check out the reveal video of Whittaker as the Doctor here:

Jodie Whittaker will debut as the Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas special on, naturally, December 25.

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