Now That Kreayshawn Is Back In the News, a Reminder

A necessary reminder that the song that put her on the map was "Gucci Gucci."

Oakland rapper Kreayshawn recently got back in the "news" for her role in the ever-strange feud between Houston Rockets All-Star James Harden and Internet-famous rapper Lil B. Though some have been quick to make fun of Kreayshawn and her possible wealth of free time, a reminder is necessary that the song that put her on the map, "Gucci Gucci," still goes. (And it also beat the "basic bitch" fad to the punch by like, three full years). There's just something about Kreay, after all. An appreciation:

Though the Based God's curse is a bad thing for Harden, it arrives with some positive, if unexpected, links to the past.