What We Know About the Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell Lifetime Movie

Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell look at you with solemn expressions. In any other situation, you might be waiting for the other shoe to drop, their expressions to melt away into something ridiculous, or one of them (Ferrell) to strip down and reveal a star-spangled thong. They don't. This is, in part, because their faces are on a billboard in the middle of Hollywood and in part because this billboard is for a Lifetime movie.

From the channel that regularly brings us such gems as Amish Grace and Live Once, Die Twice and My Baby Is Missing comes the comedic duo's masterpiece, A Deadly Adoption.

Described as a “dramatic thriller,” the plot centers around a successful couple who plan to adopt a pregnant woman’s unborn child when “things quickly go awry.” Ferrell is reportedly a fan of Lifetime, and when rumors surfaced that the vanity project was canceled, he released a statement that he was “deeply dissapointed.” Well, he didn’t need to be.

The project is back on and it even has a release date: June 20. Clear your evening.

Will A Deadly Adoption be a masterpiece, or, like Syfi's Sharknado, will it become an example of a network thrashing around in its own self-awareness? Only time will tell. Time, an unplanned pregnancy, and surely a dramatic affair or murder plot.