Joss Whedon's Reshoots Might Save 'Unwatchable' 'Justice League'

The man who kept the Avengers hilarious and Buffy heroic might be doing more than just helping Cyborg lighten up. It’s rumored that Joss Whedon’s reshoots for Justice League are saving the film from an “unwatchable” cut.

According to an August 11 article published on fan site Batman on Film, an insider said that a studio executive at Warner Bros. considered the Zach Snyder cut of the movie to be so bad that Whedon’s involvement in the movie is more than just standard pick-up shots. While this is 100 percent unsubstantiated, the hiring of Whedon to finish Justice League has raised a lot of eyebrows, mostly because he’s such a big name and successfully turned another superhero team — Marvels’ Avengers — into a cinematic juggernaut in 2012. The conventional wisdom here is that if the movie just needed a little retooling, Warner Bros. wouldn’t have hired a heavy hitter like Whedon. Perhaps more than the tone is being lightened up. Maybe, like Rogue One, the entire ending is being changed.

In an attempt to seemingly downplay the reshoots, Ben Affleck (Batman) told Entertainment Weekly that he had never worked on a film that didn’t have reshoots. But he also said that Justice League would be an “interesting product of two directors.” While this isn’t the same as saying the first cut of the film was “unwatchable” (early cuts of movies often are), it did seem to imply that at least half of the final Justice League will be Whedonesque, if not more.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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