'The Last Jedi' Toy List Reveals a 'Mega Star Destroyer'

Supreme Leader Snoke might command the First Order from a starship so big that the only word to describe it is “mega.” A new toy list for Force Friday has revealed that a new ship in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is called a “Mega Star Destroyer.”

On Tuesday, Star Wars News Net shared a photo of a partial checklist of new Star Wars toys scheduled to hit stores on September 1, 2017. The photo was posted by Star Wars collectors Twitter account Yakface. Nothing on the list is too surprising, though there is an entry for BB-8 hanging out on a “Mega Star Destroyer.” It’s not clear if this is the official designation of a ship, but if it is, there’s a slight precedent.

In The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader rolled in on a Super Star Destroyer called the Executor. Weirdly enough, this ship is not called the Executioner. Was the name “Executor” a weird Imperial joke about how they were creating a lot of last wills and testaments? Either way, most fans refer to this arrow-head-shaped ship as a “Super Star Destroyer,” and the regular ones as just Star Destroyers. The Executor had a big entrance in Empire, too. Just to let you know how hardcore it was, it cast a shadow on the regular Star Destroyers, which you thought were big from the last movie. Watch out! Here comes Executor!

In the old Dark Empire comics, the cloned, reborn version of Emperor Palpatine had a command ship that was even bigger, and oddly shaped like a boat. It was huge and black, and it was called an Eclipse-class Star Destroyer. which is a little bit of a better name than “Mega” Star Destroyer.

From 'Dark Empire'

The exact design for the new Mega Star Destroyer has seemingly not been leaked or revealed. But, presumably, we’ll get a good look at this ship when The Last Jedi hits theaters. Then again, if the ship is a reclusive as Snoke, maybe not.

The Last Jedi is out on December 15.

Force Friday, the day when all the new Star Wars toys are available for purchase, is September 1.

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