‘Shazam’ Director Trolls Fans With Superman vs. Shazam Battle

Warner Bros.

Superman and Shazam are two of the most noble and pure good guys in DC comics, but they’ve still managed to fight one another several times throughout the publisher’s history. And, with the magical hero slated to make his debut in the DC Extended Universe in 2019, fans have been wondering if history will repeat itself. In a recent tweet, Shazam director David F. Sandberg joked about how a confrontation between the two heroes would go down.

Sandberg tweeted the following picture on Sunday, mentioning the film’s scriptwriter in the caption. The caption reads, “Damn @HenryGayden, This latest draft is perfect! #Shazam!”

The draft in question features Superman picking a fight with Shazam. “Oh, is dis bitch,” says Billy Batson, the child with the power to transform into the lightning-wielding hero, Shazam. Clearly, this is a different Shazam than we’re used to seeing. Billy Batson then tells Tawky Tawny, a well-dressed tiger in this script, to hold his beer before transforming with a “Shazam!” and asking Superman, “Back for another whoopin’ huh? However, Superman quickly puts on his glasses and “becomes” Clark Kent, confusing Billy and allowing Superman to get the best of him.

It should go without saying, at this point, that this is probably not the real script.

The tweet inspired a couple of artists to share their fanart of the scene with Sandberg over Twitter:

Some people responded less positively to this take on the DCEU, though, assuming that the director was being completely serious.

While Sandberg and Co. are clearly not moving forward with this vision for the DCEU, fans can always wonder at what could have been.

Shazam is expected to open in 2019.

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