Steph Curry Makes Hilarious Appearance on South Korean Game Show

The Curry brothers were the uber popular show's first A-list American guests.

What does arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history do during the off-season? The Warriors’ Steph Curry gave the game of golf his best effort this summer, and after not dominating the Ellie Mae Classic, he appeared with his brother Seth on a South Korean game show called Infinite Challenge. The result was the stuff of internet gold.

Infinite Challenge is South Korea’s most popular TV show, period, and it’s been airing since 2005. The show’s many comedian hosts come up with ridiculous physical challenges to inflict on celebrity guests, usually based on what the guests are famous for. In Curry’s case, his challenges took place on a basketball court. First, he and Seth had to guess the hosts’ jobs by looking at them. Then, the hosts joined the Curry brothers on the court for a challenge called (when translated to English), “Succeed in Scoring Even in Difficult Situations”, and things got super weird.

After the backboards started spinning, but the Currys had no problem scoring, the South Korean team recruited a giant inflatable man to play defense, and attached a bunch of spinning hands to a player’s back.

Curry is not only famous for his shooting ability, but for his seemingly perfect personal life and sunny demeanor off the court. That’s what makes this appearance on Infinite Challenge so watchable; he never gets frustrated or lets his ego get in the way. Although he knows his purpose on the show is to play basketball, he works with the hosts to create a funny episode, by going along with bits and amplifying his efforts to get past the challenges.

The Curry brothers are the most high profile American guests to have appeared on Infinite Challenge, though they were preceded by Jack Black, Paris Hilton, and MC Hammer. Perhaps after this episode going viral internationally, we’ll get to watch other Americans do their best to “succeed even in difficult situations”.

You can watch the full episode Curry online.

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