'Discovery' Crew Will Be Playable on 'Star Trek' Game Right Away

As soon as Star Trek: Discovery hits CBS in September, the Starfleet Officers, and Klingons will be playable characters on the mobile game Star Trek: Timelines.

On Friday, game developer Disruptor Beam announced that Discovery will be folded-into Timelines commensurate with the show’s launch. The game gets away with this because Star Trek Timelines takes place in a ruptured version of the Trek canon in which a huge anomaly has basically caused all of Star Trek to be happening at the same time in the same space. This is a little like huge multi-Enterprise meeting that happened in The Next Generation episode “Parallels” but on a much bigger scale. In Timelines, Captain Kirk can go on an away mission with an older version of himself, with Captain Janeway for backup. And now, Captain Georgiou, Commander Michael Burnham, and everyone else from Discovery will be able to crossover with the existing Star Trek characters, too.

At present, every single version of the franchise is represented in Timelines with the notable exceptions of The Animated Series and all three of the reboot Kelvin Universe movies. This means that though you can have multiple versions of Captain Kirk in the game, none of them are the Chris Pine version.

Does the inclusion of Discovery in Timelines imply the new show is directly 100% inline with the Prime Universe canon? Only time will tell.

Star Trek Timelines is available on multiple platforms from Disruptor Beam. Star Trek: Discovery will hit CBS All-Access on September 24.

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