Tesla Revealed the Project Loveday Winner at the Model 3 Unveiling


Tesla’s Friday evening unveiling of its new Model 3 car wasn’t just a showcase of metal and electric engines. It was also a chance to finally unveil the winner of Project Loveday: Tesla’s DIY commercial contest.

After having announced the finalists earlier this week, Tesla revealed the winning commercial, as well as the top two runners up.

The whole competition is named after its mastermind: 11 year-old Bria Loveday, who wrote Tesla CEO Elon Musk a letter suggesting a way to generate free publicity and advertisement while brewing excitement over the next company’s next car model.

Loveday herself said she didn’t have a favorite commercial — “I can’t choose,” she said Friday — but fans were able to vote on the top 10 finalists.

The runners up included Sonja Jasansky’s “Sonja’s SUPER QUICK Tesla Fan Video!” — which is humorous, jarringly fast take on all the things that give Tesla a leg-up on other car companies. The other runner up, “Spaceships. For Earth,” feels like something that may have taken some inspiration from Musk’s other company, SpaceX.

But it was Marques Brownlee’s commercial — a happy medium of more extreme degrees of humor and style exhibited by the runners up — that took the top prize.

You can watch the other Project Loveday entries here.

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