There's a Klingon Sarcophagus Ship in 'Star Trek: Discovery'


News about the Klingon Empire is slowly trickling out from San Diego Comic-Con. And one big piece of news is the existence of something called a Sarcophagus Ship. Does Star Trek: Discovery have a Klingon mummy?

On Friday, both CNET and TrekNews.Net posted photographs from the Discovery concept art and props on display at San Diego Comic-Con. And new details about the Klingons certainly dominated the images.

Overall, it feels like Discovery is adding a whole new layer onto Klingon history and lore. There’s glimpses of a costume for someone called “Torchbearer,” art for that Klingon coffin glimpsed in the trailer, and blueprints for what is called the Klingon Sarcophagus Ship. The ornate designs seem to indicate that its possible that some of this Klingon stuff is perhaps older than the 23rd century which it inhabits. But that’s just a guess for now.

Among the props there’s something that looks, at a glance, to be the famous Klingon sword know as the bat’leth, but upon closer inspection, it’s actually a mek’leth, smaller weapon first seen being used by Worf in Star Trek: First Contact.

Like all the Klingon ships and gear, his version of the mek’leth looks way more ornate and ancient than what we’ve seen in Star Trek before. Could someone in one of these Star Fleet crews have encountered sleeper-ship full of Klingon mummies? In the trailer, Sarek does make a reference to “finding” something on the edge of Federation space. Maybe it’s a bunch of super-old Klingons from like 200 years in the past? In truth, it’s never been quite clear or established when Klingons started heading out into space. And if all these Klingons on Discovery are older than any seen on the show previously, there different-looking appearance would easily be explained.

Star Trek: Discovery debuts on September 24 on CBS.

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