Traps Look More Gruesome Than Ever in Trailer for New ‘Saw’ Movie

The Jigsaw Killer isn't dead ... but that's impossible, right?

The Jigsaw Killer, the twisted man who devised deadly, elaborate traps meant to teach his victims “a lesson,” died in the third Saw movie. But, because horror franchises never die, he’s seemingly back from the dead in the upcoming movie Jigsaw, which released its first trailer on Thursday.

And, oh yes, the traps still look as horrifying and fucked-up as ever.

The trailer starts off innocently enough, with a woman out on a jog. Things take a turn when she runs underneath an overpass with a man hanging underneath it. He’s got puzzle piece-shaped carvings in his skin, and there’s DNA from the Jigsaw Killer under his fingernails. That character, though, died 10 years ago.

Since Saw III, Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) has appeared in flashbacks, but Jigsaw seems to suggests that the real deal is back, and Bloody Disgusting writes that Bell is slated to appear in the move in some form. However, the trailer also mentions a “copycat killer,” so who knows.

The traps, from what we can see of them, include a grain silo that rains deadly farm implements on its victims, a laser-collar, some sort of buckethead/circular saw combination, a motorcycle, and a lot of people being dragged by chains.

Seems fun.

Jigsaw hits theaters on October 27.

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