Watch the Incredible Moment a Goat Breaks Into This Office

This is un-baa-lievable.

Argonics Inc/YouTube

When employees at Argonics’ Colorado office showed up for work on Monday, they feared the worst. The plastic manufacturing company found that somebody had smashed the office’s glass front doors, but for some reason the culprit did not take anything. Upon reviewing the security camera footage, the team discovered the mastermind behind the break in was in fact a four-legged fiend.

The footage, uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel on Monday, shows a goat ramming the front door’s glass repeatedly, only to walk away when the pane smashes to the floor. In the background, three other goats clear the area, but the original vandal decides to step back to the scene of the crime and try his luck with the other door. When that door smashes, the goat decides it’s time to go.

“The police actually thought we said ghosts not goats, either way thought we were crazy but everyone had a good laugh when they actually saw the footage,” said Reddit user gwc81, who shared the footage with the community. At the time of writing, the video has over 21,000 upvotes on the videos subreddit. “We’ve never seen them before, it’s a business park.”

Watch the footage below:

“The real burglar exited through the broken door,” said Reddit user NeonFeather. “That was just escapegoat.”

One YouTube user compared the footage to an updated version of Goat Simulator, the video game where players control a goat and wreak havoc on a virtual cityscape.

Another YouTube user, Rodrigo Orlenas, speculated that the goat may have seen its own reflection in the glass. Unlike humans, bottlenose dolphins or chimpanzees, goats cannot recognize themselves in mirrors, which has led to numerous videos of the animals ramming mirrors as if a second goat is present.

“From that goat’s point of view, he just headbutted his enemy into a million pieces,” said Reddit user intensvensk. “He’s going to have an awesome story to tell the herd.”

“‘Hey guys! I just got into with this other goat, who, oddly enough, looked just like me,’” said Reddit user Pepe5ilvia. “‘Hit him so hard, I MADE HIM EXPLODE!’”

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