These Stylish Gloves Will Transmit Sign Language into iPhone Text

And they cost less than $100!


The white gloves in the picture above may look like something out of a seventies sci-fi film, but they could be the future of [[wearable technology. With a set of materials that cost less than $100, a team from the University of California, San Diego, created a set of gloves that can track a wearer’s gestures. The team built software that can read American Sign Language gestures performed by the wearer and transmit the messages over Bluetooth to a computer or smartphone. In the future, your iPhone could translate sign language in real time.

Theee researchers blendedresearchers blendedresearchers blended piezoresistive elastomers, open-source computation, and low-energy Bluetooth technology. technology. technology.

“We developed a low-cost system for decoding and transmitting human hand gestures,” write the researchers, which consists of Timothy O’Connor, Darren Lipomi and others, wrote in the paper published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. “This system can serve as a test-bed platform for new materials, flexible hybrid electronics, and low-power circuits in human-machine interfaces.”

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