Jumpsuits Are a Thing

Here's a thing

This week, NBA point guard Russell Westbrook updated his line for Barney's, a collection of high-fashion-trolling joggers, shirts and generally loud athleisure wear. In this collection, he included a jumpsuit (above, $500) that underlines a summer trend: jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a thing now.

Here's a Louis Vuitton one from the label's spring show:

Eh, too many zippers.

Here's Brad Pitt wearing one:

I feel like Pitt's son's side-eye says all you need to know about this one.

Here's Balmain's jumpsuit entry from a recent collection, too:

Given that a ton of people are doing the "all denim everything" look at the moment — this Balmain jumpsuit knocks out two trends with one stone. Given that this onesie ain't the cheapest, when you're tackling multiple #trends is where you get the value.

Rick Owens:

This is listed for $800, used, on StyleForum. It has not been sold.

Once this baby gets on the Uniqlo/Century 21 wave, it's over. Brace for it: Every motherfucker is gonna be out here looking like a "Rocketeer Hits the Hamptons" GQ spread. Zip up.