This Based God's Curse Stuff Is Getting Out of Hand

James Harden isn't even doing his dance!

Lil B is an Internet-famous rapper from Oakland who splashed onto sports pages a couple years ago by "cursing" Thunder star Kevin Durant. Given that Durant has been on and off the court since the time the "curse" was placed — among other misfortunes — fans took hold of the concept that the Based God's curse is real. Lil B eventually capitalized on the attention:

Now, Lil B has accused James Harden of stealing his "cooking dance," a move that Lil B popularized in the earlier 2010s. Now, the whole league is scared of getting cursed, given that Harden's last-second effort to tie last night's Western Conference finals game fell short.

This hit the ESPN front page this morning:

The Hawks got out in front of this:

Here's the Hawks' organ player, kissing more anti-curse ass:

Naturally, the Warriors followed suit:

If I were the Rockets, styles, I wouldn't really be worried. Here's my thing — Harden's dance isn't even the cooking dance! It's kind of a hybrid of styles, one maintained by Houston rapper Chedda da Connect (who Harden is paying homage to):

Is the “flick of the wrist” indebted to the cooking dance? Is this curse possibly being promoted by Lil B cuz it only extends Lil B’s visibility? Is Lil B in on the joke? All things yes. But this whole thing is firing up the Internet way too fast.

Harden's dance is not the cooking dance. I'm a dance reporter, and this is my final conclusion. 

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