'Wonder Woman' Fan Theory Says Antiope Died to Keep a Secret

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Wonder Woman’s entry into World War I and battle against Ares wasn’t without casualties. Some of Diana Prince’s oldest and closest allies died during the course of her first solo movie, but a new fan theory suggests that there’s more to one of these deaths than we thought.

Spoilers for Wonder Woman are below.

Near the start of the movie, after Steve Trevor crashes his plane into the waters off of Themyscira, German soldiers storm the beaches of Paradise Island. The Amazons fight back valiantly against the invaders, but incur some losses because the Germans are armed with guns. At one point, one of these soldiers has Diana in his sights, but her aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright) sacrifices herself by throwing herself in front of the bullet to save her niece.

But, maybe that’s not what she was doing. The theory, which was put forth in a now-deleted Reddit post, suggests that Antiope sacrificed her life to prevent Diana from knowing the truth. Since Diana is secretly a God, she’s super-strong and super-resilient. If, this theory suggests, Antiope had let Diana get shot, she would’ve realized that there was something different about her and found out the truth much sooner.

It’s an interesting theory — though it’s unclear if Diana is straight-up immune to bullets. She seemed to be pretty intent on using her shield and bracers to block the shots during her trek across No Man’s Land. But, in any case, she is super strong, and even if the bullet would’ve hurt her, it certainly wouldn’t have had the same effect it had on the other slain Amazons.

Maybe Antiope made the split-second decision to die in order to keep a complex secret. Or, maybe, she died because a girl she had known, trained, and loved since birth seemed like she was in danger. Who is to say?

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