Three Kinds of Cybermen Will Team-Up for 'Doctor Who' Finale

Retro Cybermen from the distant past of Doctor Who will terrorize the heroic Time Lord in the season 10 finale, but they aren’t alone. The Mondasian Cybermen will be joined by two more modern versions of the cyborg baddies for a giant cyber-mash.

On Tuesday, the BBC released several photos from the upcoming two-part Doctor Who season 10 finale, and there are three types of Cybermen, seemingly joining forces. Other than the classic cyber-design which harkens way back to the 1st Doctor episode “The Tenth Planet,” there’s also two others, both designs from the contemporary series.

Other than the Daleks, the the second most famous Doctor Who villians are easily the Cybermen, who are basically the original version of the Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though they look like robots, Cybermen actually have organic brains, which have been “upgraded” to remove all emotion. In the regular Doctor Who universe, the Cybermen originate on the planet Mondas, though there are bizzaro Cybermen from an alternate dimension who originate on Earth. These “Cybus” Cybermen were first seen in the David Tennant 10th Doctor two-part adventure “Rise of the Cybermen” and “The Age of Steel.” Since the episode “Doomsday” however, the Cybermen seen on Doctor Who have been primarily newer version of the ones from Mondas, even though they’ve looked like the Cybus kind.

Left to Right: '60s Cybermen, Most Recent Cybermen, and modified Cybus Cybermen from "A Good Man Goes to War."

So, what’s the deal with three kinds of Cybermen? Other than the retro “Tenth Planet” kind, the other two are the design first seen in 11th Doctor episodes “A Good Man Goes to War,” and then, the newer Cybermen with the blue thing on their chest were first seen in “Nightmare in Silver.” This second kind were the ones who also showed up in the 12th Doctor story “Death in Heaven.” But why are all these Cybermen together? Some fans believe that the presence of the Mondasian Cybermen means the 12th Doctor has traveled to the exact moment when the 1st Doctor regenerated. Actor David Bradley — who kind of played the 1st Doctor before — even added to this rumor by not denying his involvement in the finale.

So, if numerous Cybermen have teamed-up, perhaps they’re trying to prevent the Doctor’s first regeneration, ever? With two-versions of the Master teaming-up in the finale too, there’s a lot of different versions of the Doctor’s adversaries seemingly conspiring against him. The last time this many of the Doctor’s foes teamed-up, they all locked him in the Pandorica for thousands of years.

All will be answered when part one Doctor Who season finale — “World Enough and Time” — airs on BBC America on June 24 at 9pm EST. Part two, “The Doctor Falls,” will air the following Saturday, on July 1.

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