It's the Summer of Madeon

All hail the baby-faced French wunderkind

It’s been a rough year for maximalism. First, there was Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack U project, a release that had some heat on it but a lot of junk too. Zedd’s album, well… I didn’t like Zedd’s album. But amidst the fatigue is a bright spot: Adventure, the LP from French producer Madeon.

Madeon's music is a sunny spin on maximalist EDM textures. It's tent-filling shit; for instance, take the Passion Pit collaboration "Pay No Mind":

"Pay No Mind" is just another great example of Madeon's use of his eclectic guests on Adventure, which also includes singers like Kyan and Mark Foster. 

Welcome to the Summer of Madeon. Let's get it.