Amazon Echo Can Now Organize Your Life


In its two year existence, the Amazon Echo has made waves as the cylindrical smart speaker that helps you control your home while keeping your hands off your phone.

The Echo’s abilities were already far-reaching, including voice-activated weather reports, playing music, setting alarms, and controlling other smart devices in your home. And now, a new set of features will help users stay organized at all times.

Starting Thursday, Echo users can schedule reminders and name individual alarms. While this may not sound like a lot, being able to name timers makes the function much more practical; think of being able to name timed alerts for multiple steps in a cooking process, for example.

And when you want to remember something, you can not just ask Alexa — the given name of Amazon’s voice assistant — to remind you of something at any future time and date.

This latest update will likely prove popular among consumers who consider themselves absent-minded and could be especially handy for older folks who struggle with memory.

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