Oh Snap, Here’s a Surprise Stan Lee Cameo

Sony Pictures Entertainment

As Spider-Man: Homecoming gets ready to swing into theaters later this summer, advertising for the Sony and Marvel co-production is starting to heat up in some pretty fun ways. A series of cross-promotional commercials for the movie and the NBA Finals follows Peter Parker as he’s invited to Tony Stark’s game-watching party, and wouldn’t you know it, Stan Lee even make a cameo for the ad.

It’s unclear how much of the footage in the two spots is going to make it in the final movie, or if all of it was specially shot for the commercials. So, there’s a chance that what we’re seeing is a sneak peek of Lee’s actual cameo on Homecoming, but it seems more likely that he shot something special for the ad. It’s a pretty basic cameo, especially compared to Guardians of the Galaxy’s game-changing reveal.

In either case, Lee appears at the end of the second of the two spots released thus far, saying “I think I know that guy!” (We should hope so, since Lee co-created the iconic hero along with Steve Ditko.) The first spot mostly focuses on Tony Stark, who tells his assistant and body man Happy Hogan to invite “the kid” to his swanky party — but Steve Rodgers isn’t getting one because it’s “too soon.”

The second spot sees Happy send Peter out to get snacks for former San Antonio Spurs player Tim Duncan. After getting the snacks and stopping a robbery, Spider-Man speeds back to Tony’s crib to watch the rest of the game. That’s when Lee spots him in the ad’s stinger.

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7. The NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors is ongoing on ABC.

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