'Preacher' Hunts God in Season 2

When the most confusing storyline of Preacher’s first season ended up being more than just a series of flashbacks (it was really an endless purgatory in which a nameless Bounty Hunter repeated his most hellish day on earth), fans were delighted to see the two disparate timelines fold together as Angels brought the bounty hunter back to present day Earth in order to hunt down Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper). Jesse, after finally embracing Genesis, refused to give his mysterious and dangerous power back to Heaven and in Season 2 travels across the country on a righteous mission: To find God. And, in the first trailer for the show’s sophomore season on AMC, that’s just what he’s going to do.

“God left Heaven, I’m gonna find him,” Jesse tells his eager but not exactly trustworthy companions, Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun). Their slapdash journey, predictably, doesn’t seem to go a smoothly as it could.

Hunted by the Bounty Hunter (known as The Saint of Killers in the comics), dealing with escalating sexual tension, and causing explosions along the way seem to be the least of the trio’s worries, however, as the Season 2 trailer also gives us a peek at what in the hell happened to Eugene. Arseface, as Eugene is not-so-lovingly known, is another in a long line of Jesse’s regrets. Banished by Jesse (and Genesis) to hell accidentally in Season 1, Eugene — along with the fact that a massive explosion of shit literally wiped out the sleepy town of Annville — is the reason Jesse on his way to find God. If Jesse can’t do good himself, at least he can bring back the entity that supposedly can.

Eugene doesn’t quite seem to have made it to hell though, at least not the same kind that the Bounty Hunter was trapped in. He wakes up in a grey jail cell wearing a jumpsuit with an identification number on it. His only companion? None other than one of the Angels who set the Bounty Hunter free.

It remains to be seen whether Fiore (Tom Brooke) is Eugene’s jailer or cell mate, but regardless whenever Eugene makes it back to present day Earth, there’ll be a reckoning waiting for Jesse Custer.

Season 2 of Preacher airs on June 25 on AMC.