Here’s ‘Terminator 2’ Remade Entirely in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Arnold managed to get a video game vacation.

Kramer's Media

No matter how complicated the project may be, there are teams of dedicated machinima creators who constantly remind us time and time again that recreating famous film or television scenes in video games can yield some amazing results. Instead of simply recreating a single scene like most of these projects do however, a Russian group of YouTubers known as Kramer’s Media set the bar a little higher by recreating Terminator 2: Judgement Day inside of Grand Theft Auto V.

Originally released on April 11, the Grand Theft Auto V version of the film runs at a little over an hour, hitting all the major highlights from the 1991 film like Arnold’s gigantic minigun shootout with the police and the infamous foundry scene with where he battles it out with the T-1000. In total, the film runs for a little over an hour, using plenty of music samples, sound effects, and Russian dubbed dialogue to create an authentic experience true to the original film.

Now, there’s an English version, which also has much of the original dialogue from Terminator 2 as well – including many iconic lines like Arnold’s “I need a vacation,” from the moment he finally brings down the T-1000.

But, to recreate the film in Grand Theft Auto V, Kramer’s Media had to create a set of custom models to bring robots like the Hunter-Killer and vehicles such as the 1990 Harley Davidson “Fat Boy” to the game, all of which they’ve made publicly available if you’re interested in using them for yourself.

Overall, it’s a pretty impressive project to say the least, and we’re excited to see what movie the creators end up tackling next in Grand Theft Auto V. (Might we recommend Alien?)

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