Here's How to Stream 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Online

You know you need a refresher for 'Vol. 2.'

Marvel Entertainment

The most lovable a-holes in the galaxy finally have their second film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters, but it’s been a while since their first adventure graced the big screen. Guardians of the Galaxy came out in 2014, and while it doesn’t seem like that long ago, a lot has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since then. You might need a refresher. So, naturally, you’re going to turn to your favorite streaming sites for answers. We’re sorry to inform you that it’s kind of a lost cause.

Guardians of the Galaxy is not streaming on Netflix. In fact, the only MCU film currently available to stream on Netflix is Captain America: Civil War, and the Guardians won’t be joining the rest of the Avengers until 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. You can rent or buy Guardians of the Galaxy on Amazon, as it’s currently the only streaming service to provide Guardians to the public — but you gotta pay for it.

So, no matter how excited you are to finally see Baby Groot and the gang on screen again and meet Kurt Russell’s Ego the Living Planet in Vol. 2, you’re going to have to find … another way to watch the first Guardians. Not that anyone’s encouraging this, but if you type “watch Guardians of the Galaxy online free” into a search engine, some interesting things will come up.

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