Watch a Transformer Shoot Up Some Nazis in 'Last Knight' Teaser

In a new teaser for the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight, the great Anthony Hopkins reveals that there’s a secret behind the legend of the Transformers while surrounded by impressive historical artifacts. Hopkins, an acting legend, is adding a lot of gravitas to a, frankly, silly sounding story, but none of that really matters when the story involves a Transformer driving into a Nazi headquarters in World War II and just blasting the hell out of the Third Reich.

In the teaser, which hit Twitter on Tuesday morning, Hopkins’s character, Sir Edmund Burton, narrates as we see historical memorabilia and shots of ancient Transformers as knights templar and samurai in feudal Japan.

“It started as legend, one of the greatest of all, one of the oldest of all,” Hopkins says. “But, every legend has a secret: They have been here forever in the shadows to protect Earth from what was destined to arrive.”

It’s unknown what, exactly, these legendary Transformers are here to protect Earth from (probably that giant ship crashing into the moon), but I’m less concerned about prophecy and more interested in robot-on-Nazi action. Towards the end of the spot, a 1940s-era car drives up to Nazi base, transforms, and unloads two huge guns. Chances are there won’t be many scenes in the final movie set during the war, but if they’re anything like this, we’ll take ‘em.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 21.

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