Retro Computer "Mother" Is Back in New 'Alien: Covenant' Trailer

When the Nostromo was sent to investigate a mysterious spaceship crash, the ship’s computer — Mother — was in on the whole scheme. And now that classic, all-knowing computer is back for Alien: Covenant. A new trailer finds Daniels (Katherine Waterston) conversing with Mother, innocently at first, but later, with a lot of creepy foreboding.

Mild spoilers for the original Alien ahead.

In the original 1979 film Alien, Ripley( Sigourney Weaver) eventually discovers that Mother, the ship’s all-knowing computer, was actually aware of a secret mission for the crew to bring back a sample of the deadly aliens. Crew member Ash (Ian Holm) was revealed to be a “goddamn robot” and was also in on this wicked plot. In the film, the room in which Dallas (Tom Skerrit) and Ripley converse with Mother is filled with retro, blinking lights and a very ominous, single chair. In the original movie, you got the feeling that the characters were literally sitting inside Mother’s immense computer brain.

Captain Dallas accesses "Mother"


Sadly, the new trailer doesn’t depict a recreation of this exact room, but all the action is framed with Daniels asking Mother all sorts of questions. This is the first time in the newer Alien films that the computer Mother has been featured. In Prometheus, the ship didn’t have an onboard computer that the characters from the first film relied on so heavily.

Watch the new trailer right here.

Alien: Covenant is out it wide release on May 19.