Engineers' Return Confirmed in New 'Alien: Covenant' Photos

The lifeforms responsible for probably creating humanity, and setting into motion events that led to the creation of the Xenomorphs, are back for Alien: Covenant. New photos show one of the mysterious Engineers launching some pods over a planet, as well as a few other references to Prometheus.

On Thursday, Empire revealed three new photos from Alien: Covenant. One photo featured the android David (from Prometheus!) conversing with his creator Peter Weyland, the founder of the company that would eventually become the insidious Weyland-Yutani. This meeting has to be a flashback, since Peter Weyland is super old by the time of Prometheus and surely dead by the time of Alien: Covenant.

But the other big news was a mysterious shot of one of the Engineers launching a bunch of crazy pod-things over the surface of a planet that looks to be populated. Empire confirms this is one of the Engineers and says the pods were briefly seen in Prometheus. No clear sign if this scene is also a flashback, similar to the very first scene of Prometheus.


The other striking image from the new photos is also the most terrifying: One of the Neomorphs (who are probably kind of like the last creature witnessed in Prometheus) is chowing down on some poor person’s carcass.


With so many horrifying monsters, who has time to figure out all the Prometheus continuity!?

Alien: Covenant opens on May 19. “Alien Day” happens next week on April 26.

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