Some Weird Blob Thing Attacks Earth in 'Guardians Vol. 2'


After a pretty gut-wrenching opening scene where a young Peter Quill is abducted by aliens mere moments after his mother’s death, Guardians of the Galaxy leaves Earth far, far away in favor of outer space adventures. However, an intriguing new clip from the sequel, Vol. 2, reveals that at least some of the action does take place on Star-Lord’s homeworld, which is being attacked by a giant blue blob of unknown goop.

The very brief clip premiered as part of an extended bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which, like Marvel, is also owned by Disney. The bulk of the segment followed Kimmel’s buddy Guillermo as he traversed the Vol. 2 set getting ready for a cameo role. He meets with a couple stars, including Dave Bautista and Kurt Russell, the latter of who gives him this sage nugget of acting advice: “Don’t fuck up.”

The goof, of course, is that Guillermo’s big scene really amounts to a blink-and-you-miss-it glimpse of his head in the back of a crowd. But, that crowd is interesting. As seen in the short clip (start at 6:07 to just see the scene), Guillermo’s a police officer who tries to warn a crowd of clearly Earthling onlookers from getting too close to a massive blob while they snap pictures with their smartphones. Then, suddenly, the blob explodes, seeming to both engulf and fling cars out of the way.

That’s about all we know. There’s no indication about what this blob is or how essential its attack on Earth will be to Vol. 2’s larger plot. Perhaps this crisis will bring Star-Lord home… and perhaps put him in the right place to partner up with the Avengers for Infinity War.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters on May 5.

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