Kanye West's Future is the Key to Time on 'The Magicians' 


In the reality of Syfy’s The Magicians, everyone has a “book” which tells the story of their lives: and rapper Kanye West’s has a big clue as to what will happen with the future of time itself.

Spoilers ahead for The Magicians Season 2, Episode 12: “Ramifications”

One of the cooler inventions of the the TV version of The Magicians is the idea of the Library, a place where all sorts of information is kept, irrespective of linear time. Since Penny has been given a job (enslaved) by the Library, he and fellow library worker Sylvia have found out all sorts of stuff about the universe at large. The biggest revelation this week comes from Sylvia noticing that a bunch of people’s “books” have pages missing after a certain point. She first noticed it with Kanye West, but then realizes there gaps from everyone’s book. Sylvia says this is generally known about in the Library as “the great blank spot,” implying that the universe of everyone’s lives (including Kanye West) will cease to exist at some point really soon. Penny wonders if these books have ever been wrong, and Sylvia points out that she’s seen Penny’s book “re-shelved 39 times.” Because time loops are a thing on The Magicians, Sylvia figures they can go “Sarah Connor”-style and make their own destiny.

LEFT: Penny and Sylvia discuss the future. RIGHT: Kanye.

Meanwhile, destiny catches up with Julia and Kady. In an attempt to finally kill the rapist god Reynard with a one magic bullet, they end up meeting the real Our Lady Underground, who Julia figured out last week was actually Persephone. It turns out Reynard is Persephone’s son, and she really wants Julia not to kill him. Julia bizarrely agrees, which pisses of Kady for good and they end the episode no longer besties. This act of mercy somehow allows Julia to be reunited with her missing shade (her soul, kind of.)

Strangely, other than the impending end of the entire universe, everyone, including an insane Alice, is alive at the end of this episode. This leaves the only big conflict unresolved is what to do about Eliot being kicked out of Fillory and how to save the whole kingdom? Eliot is pretty pissed Quentin had to give up the world-hopping button to a dragon saying, “You gave our only means of traveling to Fillory to fucking Trogdor?” But, after meeting the real-life version of Ember (one of the creator-gods of Fillory), Quentin and Eliot realize they can get back to Fillory trough the classic Narnia-esque grandfather clock doorway. The only problem is that their plan for recapturing everything is really similar to a plan implemented by the Beast decades prior.

Maybe they should just bring Kanye West with them?

The Magicians airs Wednesdays on Syfy at 9 p.m. Eastern. The season finale of the second season is next week. The show has just been officially renewed for a third season which will air sometime in 2018.

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