On 'Powerless,' Teddy Tries to Date a Superhero

DC / Warner Bros 

On this week’s Powerless, Teddy (Danny Pudi) plummets off of Wayne Tower after a supervillain attack only to be saved by Green Fury (Natalie Morales). Though Teddy’s in the precious early stages of a new relationship with a great girl named Hannah, he falls head over heels after being rescued.

After a slightly endearing back-and-forth, Green Fury gives him a sly smile and flies off. After that, Teddy becomes convinced they’re meant for each other and tries to figure out a way to see her again. Forgetting all about Hannah, he proceeds to throw a dummy off the building as bait but accidentally goes with it. Teddy’s caught in the nick of time, but by the wrong musclebound hero.

His next failed attempt at contact involves a light signal a la Batman, but it catches on fire and leaves Teddy questioning his sanity. After realizing that he might be romanticizing his encounter, he gets back together with Hannah. While apologizing to her on a date however, Green Fury stops a mugger from making off with Hannah’s bag.

When Green Fury recognizes Teddy and asks if he’s on a date, he massively fucks up and says no. Pulling his hand out of Hannah’s, he tries to let Green Fury know he’s available but she simply flies off after pointing out how awkward the whole situation is.

Hannah’s definitely done with Teddy. But what seemed like casual conversation with Green Fury did prove to have some kind of spark. Natalie Morales is signed on for a multi-episode arc, and so Green Fury will definitely be back in Teddy’s life soon. Green Fury, a Brazilian hero with powers that include breathing or casting green fire, flight, and super healing. Often paired with Ice — to form the unironically named Fire & Ice — in the Justice League, Green Fury is sure to bring the heat in future episodes. Whether she and Teddy actually manage to make it past routine life-saving and cheeky banter remains to be seen.

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