Dwight Will be a Triple Agent in 'Walking Dead' Season 8


In this week’s Walking Dead Season 7 finale, AMC pulled a complicated trick on fans of Robert Kirkman’s zombie comics. Many anticipated Dwight would trick Negan and fight for all of Rick’s friends. But, in a twist, he showed up alongside Negan during the episode’s huge fight, apparently proving himself loyal to the bat-wielding dictator.

Stranger still, after the dust settled on the battlefield, Daryl found a little figure hidden in the walls of Alexandria. Attached to the doll was a piece of paper reading “didn’t know,” suggesting that Dwight had planned to help Rick’s buddies during the confrontation, but when the tables turned with Sasha and the garbage people, he decided to keep his cover intact until a more opportune moment. Dwight has been depicted as carving these little figurines in previous episodes, so we know going forward that he’s a triple agent for Rick, and will probably spy on Negan.


In Kirkman’s comics, Dwight never really forgives Negan for forcing his wife into sexual slavery, but it’s not clear whether AMC’s zombie drama will follow that storyline. We’ve only seen Dwight snap at his wife in the past, though we know his face is scarred up because she returned to him at least once, betraying Negan. Their relationship is, to understate the situation, complicated as hell.

Dwight as he appears in 'The Walking Dead' comics

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The Walking Dead Season 8 will premiere on AMC in October.

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