Just 30 of the Best 'Star Wars' Memes

"This was your father's lightsaber. He murdered 30 kids with it."

After 40 years, eight movies, and countless novelizations, television shows, and action figures, Star Wars is a part of the cultural zeitgeist in a way that few things are. So, of course, it’s got a plethora of memes from every category of meme out there. We felt the need to round a few up for you.

Eight movies and a ton of inside jokes provide for a lot of quality memes. Whether you think it’s hilarious that stormtroopers are perpetually bad at shooting Rebels, you enjoy Darth Vader’s dad jokes, or you empathize with Obi-Wan Kenobi having to put up with Luke Skywalker’s farm-boy innocence, there’s something in this list for you. And, even if you’re the kind of Star Wars fan who doesn’t like the prequels, you can at least admit that some of the memes that spawned from them are funny.

Here are 30 of the best Star Wars memes:

Darth Maul or Bane?

Obi-Wan deserves it, honestly.

Do dad jokes count if you’re not a dad?

Speaking of dads …

At least he said it with authority.

Just imagining Obi-Wan’s shit-eating grin.

This game has changed a lot.

You knew there’d be “high ground” jokes in here.

Definitely more than one.

A few “high ground” jokes.

Everybody’s got jokes.

Still confused over this, tbh.

And Rogue One was definitely worth the sadness to get this scene.

Phasma for the win.

A natural beauty

Obi-Wan didn’t wait around for 18 years in the desert to listen to your sass, Luke.

Too soon

But can we talk about how dumb Luke was?

Zero fucks given these days

Hurting people relaxes him.

Need some ice for that burn, Darth?

Han Solo is a brand man.

If only it were that easy.

Okay, but rocks hurt.

But it’s still not a mystery how the Stormtroopers lose every battle.

Imagine Palpatine in this hat with a Southern accent.

Just let the poor dude die already.

Oh, that hurts.

Kylo doesn’t have great judgment in role models.

No one’s bitter about it, obviously.

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