'The 100' Makes Emori the New Commander of Death  

Emori turns savage. 

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The seventh episode of The 100’s fourth season, “Gimme Shelter,” is a filler episode. Luckily, because this is The 100, there are too many life or death scenarios, relationships, and big reveals for things to get too stagnant. This is the apocalypse, after all.

On the surface, “Gimme Shelter” has a simple conflict: Thanks to the radiation levels in the atmosphere, the Black Rain has begun. The environmental apocalypse has arrived. For Bellamy, this creates a crisis since he’s unable to save people, and he must come to terms with that while waiting out the rain in a car. For Octavia, she forges a new partnership with Ilian as the rain traps them in a cave. And for Clarke, Abby, Murphy, and Emori, they find a new subject for their Nightblood experiments to save humanity.

Clarke’s storyline is the most intriguing because it reveals that Emori is the most savage survivor on The 100, perhaps even more than Clarke herself. After all, Commander of Death was a title others bestowed upon Clarke. But when Emori overhears Clarke and Abby agonizing over using a human test subject for a dangerous radiation procedure that could save humanity, she takes matters into her own hands. In so doing, she claims the Commander of Death title for herself.

Murphy and Emori in 'Gimme Shelter' 

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Emori assumes that she’s the handiest subject because she’s an outsider. Cleverly, “Gimme Shelter” never makes it clear whether Clarke and Abby would indeed ever consider her or whether she’s simply paranoid. There isn’t time for the show to clarify, because Emori acts fast. When a Grounder breaks into their facility, Emori tells Clarke a story about how he violently wronged her. Predictably, Clarke decides to use his death for the greater good. At the episode’s end, as Clarke, Abby, Jackson, and Roan slide him into “the oven” for the dangerous radiation test, Emori confides to Murphy that he’s a random Grounder who didn’t actually wrong her. As Murphy says, Emori is the ultimate survivor.

It’s too soon to tell if this will indeed provide the solution they’re looking for, but it’s a game changer for Emori’s place in the story.

The 100 is currently airing Wednesdays on The CW.

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