Just 30 of the Best DC Memes

DC fans really like Batman.

DC Comics was founded in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, a man totally ignorant of the world of internet memes. Since the inception of DC — originally called Detective Comics — the world has been flooded with classic heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, the renowned Justice League, plus a slew of some of the best villains in the world of comics. But perhaps DC’s greatest achievement is inspiring countless internet memes.

The DC universe spans far and wide through TV, movies, and the internet at large. And fans really like to catalog their thoughts and feelings about some of the most iconic comic book characters via memes. Featured below are 30 of the best DC memes: a lot of inside jokes about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, various DC TV shows, Jared Leto’s rendition of the Joker, plus Batman, Batman, and more Batman. Fans love Batman.

30. He’s had it pretty rough.

29. Barry is way cooler now.

28. Barry probably enjoyed this too much.

27. This was all of us.

26. The one time Barry didn’t fuck up.

25. The Batfamily’s dad has some issues.

24. He struggles with intimacy.

23. Diana Prince doesn’t have much experience with dudes.

22. Aquaman puts up with so much shit.

21. Seriously.

20. People really thought Jared Leto’s Joker was about as hip as McDonald’s

19. Where is the lie?

18. This shouldn’t be so funny.

17. Superheroes have always been pretty political.

16. Batfleck for the win.

15. Bruce Wayne would still update his status regularly.

14. A lot of people defended Batman v Superman.

13. You’re not funny, Bruce.

12. This harsh reality.

11. The Civil War meme put to use for DC.

10. And again.

9. Whiplash versus Batfleck.

8. Rude.

7. The move from Marvel to DC.

6. Ouch.

5. Superman has some rage issues, though.

4. This poor dude.

3. Yeah, who cares about them?

2. Even Krypto looks sad.