'USS Discovery' Will Probably Launch on This Stardate 

Eventually, the starship USS Discovery will emerge from a secret asteroid base and start boldly warping around the cosmos. But when will it happen for us here on Earth? According to CBS, Star Trek: Discovery will hit streaming before Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters.

On Monday, Variety reported that CBS executive Les Moonves believes in the “quality” of Discovery and that the show is on track for a summer or early fall release. Moonves was speaking at an investor conference organized by Morgan Stanley. He also stressed the viability of the Trek brand in terms of financial success, saying, “It’s important to get it right.”

But what does one of the biggest CBS executives believe is the “wrong” way to do Star Trek? Apparently, some bold voyages of various starships are considerably better than others, not only in the eyes of fans but in view of the decision makers, too.

“There there were seven other series. Some of them were great, and some of them were terrible,” Moonves said. But as long as these ships are pulling in some gold-pressed latinum, Moonves is fine with whatever kind of Trek makes it on the air. “They all did really well on Netflix,” he said. While Trekkies can debate endlessly on the merits of Voyager versus The Next Generation, the people in charge apparently have iron-clad opinions as to which ones suck and which ones don’t.

Here’s everything we know so far about Star Trek: Discovery.

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