Astrology Is a Big Deal for Jaeger Pilots in 'Pacific Rim'

Warner Bros. Pictures

Stacker Pentecost is ruled by the planet Mercury. Pacific Rim creator Guillermo del Toro has spent the past week sharing extensively imagined character bios from his various projects — three of which belong to Jaeger pilots Pentecost, Raleigh Becket, and Mako Mori — on Twitter. And they reveal quite a bit if you’re willing to take the time to pick through them.

The bios, which outline everything from each character’s age to their secret dreams, give a deeper look into some of del Toro’s most recently beloved creations. For example, Pentecost can’t stand doctors, lawyers, or commanding officers, but he loves silence. He also had a brief fling with a woman named Yu Hashimoto while stationed in Kyoto, Japan. (No one’s saying that that’s where John Boyega’s Pentecost from Pacific Rim 2 came from, but no one’s denying it either.)

Each character is also given what del Toro calls a “present love interest.” Stacker’s is “The World and everything in it”; Raleigh’s is none other than his beloved Jaeger, Gypsy Danger; and Mako’s is, appropriately, “Training.”

Pacific Rim 2 is expected February 23, 2018.

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