Ian McShane Thinks You Should Stop Caring About 'GoT' Spoilers


Ian McShane’s Brother Ray might have had a short lifespan on Game of Thrones — dying in the same Season 6 episode he first appeared in, much to The Hound’s rage — but his legacy lives on. McShane’s notoriously sassy comments about Game of Thrones fans continue in a recent interview in which he defends the fact that he spoiled The Hound’s return before “The Broken Man” aired.

“You want to say, ‘Have you thought about your lifestyle?’ McShane said. “Maybe you should get out a little more. What am I giving away? A character beloved by everybody returns. Get a fucking life.”

Aside from being hilarious, as a zero-fucks giving McShane previously referred to the show as “tits and dragons” his stance on spoilers is an interesting one. As Game of Thrones has wound down into its final stretch, the spoiler culture around it has ramped up — even as the show has tried to lock it down. This is of course most notable in the time between Season 5 and Season 6, when the show tried to pretend Jon Snow was gone for good and fans tried to pull a Melisandre and see his fate in the flames.

In an ironic twist from his peace-loving character Brother Ray, McShane is the most notable actor to openly deride the culture around spoilers. As the final two seasons approach, it remains to be seen whether more depart from the night being dark and filled with terrors.

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