Marvel's Upcoming X-Men TV Show Just Cast A New Mutant

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The untitled X-Men show just cast actress Jamie Chung as the mutant Blink, a fairly minor character in the Marvel Universe. However, Blink’s elevation to regular status in the upcoming series hints that this upcoming X-Men show might have its sights on telling a fairly unconventional mutant story, not unlike FX’s current X-Men series, Legion.

Jamie Chung will play the teleporting mutant Clarice Fong aka Blink (Her last name has been changed from Ferguson in the comics to Fong in the series) in a regular role in Bryan Singer’s upcoming X-Men project. Chung is the first official mutant cast in the series - star Blair Redford’s mystery character has yet to be identified other than his name, “Sam”. While Blink’s official comic history never really elevates the character beyond the X-Men’s B-list, Blink’s starring turn in this project should change that.

Described by Marvel as a “sarcastic and lively tomboy”, Blink is recovering from a recent traumatic moment in her life.

Jaimie Chung and Blink

This will be the second time the character Blink makes an appearance in the X-Men cinematic universe. Previously, she was played by actress Fan Bingbing in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s unclear whether or not these two versions of the character are related in any way, but given that Bryan Singer is leading the new television project, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were.

As a character, Blink is often seen as a supporting member of the X-Men universe, using her abilities to create teleportation portals (think Valve’s Portal series), Blink has served both the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, though she once was a key member of the mutant team Exiles in an alternate dimension ruled by the mutant Apocalypse.

Chung’s starring turn as the character could mean that the main mutant roster for this X-Men show might be filled with other low-key mutants making major appearances. Much in the way Legion focuses on Professor X’s son, the new X-Men series could elevate less exposed mutants to top tier status.

Prior to her casting as Blink, Chung has previously voiced Marvel characters like Aimi Yoshida in the 2011 video game, X-Men: Destiny, as well as the character Go-Go Tomago in Disney’s Big Hero 6.

The Untitled X-Men series doesn’t have a release date yet.

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