Cards Against Humanity is Getting Sexy 'Mass Effect' Aliens

The add-on you never knew you needed. 

Cards Against Humanity 

It’s kind of a big surprise, but it makes perfect sense — and we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before. Cards Against Humanity has created 14 new cards dedicated to the Mass Effect universe, claiming the best domain name on the internet in the process: Dedicated to the sexy alien fun times (and some more PG cards, too) that are Mass Effect’s trademark, fans can buy the add-on for $1 with free shipping. The pack is being sold in limited quantities, though, so if you want it, you’d best grab it while you can.

Cards Against Humanity worked with BioWare writers to build the card set with the hopes — the Cards team joked — that BioWare would let them play Andromeda early. They were disappointed to learn that was not the case. In a dig at Mass Effect 3’s controversial day-one DLC, the site states: “Missing cards to be sold later as DLC.” It wouldn’t be Cards Against Humanity without heaps of silliness, after all.

Mass Effect is the second pop culture add-on to Cards Against Humanity following the House of Cards set. And Mass Effect is a perfect fit for the popular card game, which is basically Apples to Apples for adults. Mass Effect has some of the most well-loved characters in video games (in more ways than one) and is referenced endlessly as a result.

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