John Oliver Reveals Why Trump's Putin Love Affair Is So Dangerous

The 'Last Week Tonight' host didn't hold back.

Last Week Tonight/YouTube

John Oliver isn’t holding back against President Trump. In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight aired Sunday, the late-night comedian criticized Trump for his questionable comments about Vladimir Putin. The president has made no attempt to hide the fact that he thinks it would be great if he got along with Putin, and Oliver spent the episode deconstructing just why it’s such a terrible idea.

Putin’s Russia has a questionable approach to free speech. The president’s critics have a habit of ending up on the receiving end of vicious attacks, some of which are downright bizarre. Russian politician Ilya Yashin, a critic of Putin, said that thugs climbed onto his car and pooped on the hood. Another critic ended up poisoned.

The Russian government presses the idea that, much like Russia has its flaws, the United States has its flaws as well. But the United States and Russia aren’t the same. As an example, Oliver listed some of the many nicknames he’s given Trump during his show:

  • America’s wealthiest hemorrhoid
  • America’s walking talking brush fire
  • Rome burning in man form
  • An ill-fitting suit full of chickens coming home to roost
  • This sentient circus peanut
  • A racist voodoo doll made of discarded cat hair
  • A clown made of mummified foreskin and cotton candy
  • An upside down piece of candy corn in a wig made of used medical gauze
  • A clear plastic bag filled with cheeseburgers and confederate flag belt buckles
  • An old piece of luggage covered in cheese whiz
  • A kidney dropped on the floor at a Supercuts
  • Basically what happens if The Secret gets into the wrong hands

“I’ve talked a lot of shit, and to his credit, Trump has not had me murdered,” Oliver said.

But despite the two countries’ differences, Trump has been known to repeat the same line pushed by Russia: “You think our country is so innocent?” Trump asked Bill O’Reilly earlier this month when confronted with the accusation that Putin is a killer.

“Trump has already given Putin a lot without realizing it, but Putin wants more,” Oliver said. Demands could include an end to U.S. sanctions, an endorsement of Putin’s pro-Assad position, a weakening of NATO and recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea. “Trump may trade any and all of that for getting along better, whatever the fuck that means.”

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