Fred and George Knew Voldemort's Plan the Whole Time

Warner bros/ Facebook 

Fred and George Weasley knew that Voldemort’s flunky Petter Pettigrew was infiltrating Hogwarts the whole time and said nothing. Everyone knows that the twins are the most devious characters in the Harry Potter stories. They fueled Ron’s fear of spiders, turned Neville into a canary, and of course there was that time they dramatically quit school by throwing shade and hexes at then-Headmistress Dolores Umbridge, lighting fireworks inside, and leaving a swamp in a corridor.

But their deviousness might actually tip into the evil category. As one fan recently pointed out on Reddit, during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the twins had the Marauder’s Map. They saw their brother Ron walking around with Peter Pettigrew, and they said nothing. So are they secretly Voldemort sympathizers? What gives?

“I never really thought that there was anything wrong with this,” one fan said on Reddit. “Because why would they concerned with looking around Gryffindor Tower? With a whole castle to explore, I’m pretty sure their own common room would be the last place they would thoroughly explore.”

Obliviousness is the most likely explanation, especially because even if they did notice the name “Peter Pettigrew” they had no feasible reason to know that the name held any significance. Another fan jokingly suggested this means the devious duo is surprisingly non judgmental.

As this explanation — although charming — is equally unlikely, willfully oblivious is the logical answer.