Four Awesome Pieces of Fan Art Inspired by 'Lego Batman'

The film's intergenerational appeal is apparent in these fans' art.

Twitter/ @ijustine

This weekend, the Caped Crusader packed box offices across North America. The Lego Batman Movie brought in $55.6 million, according to Variety. That’s short of the $69 million grossed by The Lego Movie in its opening weekend, but still enough to earn it the top spot. Beyond its considerable commercial success, though, the film has also sparked the creativity of many fans, inspiring a flurry of fan art on the internet. Comic lovers, toy lovers, and cartoonists alike are celebrating the new film by sharing some of their own creative depictions of Lego Batman.

Following on the success of The Lego Movie, the new Lego Batman spin-off marks the first of many probable Lego films. This seems like the logical business move since the films have captured kids and adult fans alike, combining toys and deep comic knowledge. The fan art that Lego Batman has spawned captures this range of fandom. Some of these creations are rather innocent, while others, by artists known for their NSFW work, are somewhat darker.

21-year-old Lisa Rubio, an artist and fanfic aficionado whose work sometimes delves into NSFW territory, shared her super cute Lego Robin.

Animator Vivienne Medrano shared this grotesque-yet-adorable Lego Joker illustration that captures the complicated love-hate relationship between the Clown Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight.

YouTuber Justine Ezarik — known as iJustine — posted a picture of this huge candy Lego figure she made in honor of the new film.

French Twitter user Ghastly_GH shared this creative rendering of the Lego Joker, a SFW image that represents a departure from the artist’s typical fare.

If you made Lego Batman fan art, feel free to show us by tagging this post’s author on Twitter.

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